Safe, Fun & Cage Free Care

Why choose us?

Simply put, we     dogs

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  1. Cage free
    Cage free
    We don't believe dogs belong in cages. Our furry guests are free to roam and socialise with other dogs, run and play for as long as they want.
  2. Safe
    All our staff are qualified Canine First Aid Responders, making sure your pooches are safe and cared for at the highest level.
  3. Fun
    Dogs are pack animals and absolutely love playing and socialising. We have lots of toys for our guests to play with either on their own or with others!
  4. Clean
    Our premises are cleaned regularly throughout the day so our guests enjoy a home away from home.
Meet The Team
Niki Clarke-Crossman
"Growing up as a child, I had lots of pets from dogs, horses and rabbits. I have always been passionate about animals especially dogs. 
After moving to Singapore with my husband, we decided it was time to get a dog. We reached out to CAS and adopted Suki, a Singapore Special in 2016.

One was never enough for me so we now have three adopted furbabies!
My love and passion for dogs has continued to grow. I am now a volunteer with CAS and a qualified canine first responder.
Doggies Galore was born out of the joy I get to see dogs play, socialise and run free without a cage in sight."

Christine Seah
"I've always been fascinated by animals, particularly dogs! I love watching them and figuring out how their minds work and how they communicate with each other. My first dog was Jake, an 11 year old ex-K9 Lab, who needed a place to stay after his owners moved to a HDB, as sadly his breed wasn't approved. After Jake passed, I decided to get a puppy of my own- Bubba, a 6 week old Singapore Special. 
Bubba's been my best friend ever since! And often assists me with training and socialising other dogs. Over the past 6 months, I've had the chance to walk and train over 40 dogs, and I hope to continue meeting and helping out more furry friends!"

Manager / Trainer